About Us

We, at Anton Grašič, Naklo d.o.o., provide you with an international transport of goods. The company is based in Polica at Naklo.

Our challenge and the most significant service is to organize and carry out the exact transports of high quality around the entire Europe. We are specialized in »just in time« autoindustry transports, high-value deliveries and ADR. Moreover, we are in a business of organizing joint services, distribution and transshipment of goods. We also provide the storage of goods in our own (storage) capacities.

Since the establishment in 1982 we have been trying to achieve a successful development and satisfaction of our business partners by organizing and executing transportations of high quality.

Our objectives have always been to ensure a flexible organizational structure, fair business and bringing solutions to our clients' problems. However, the true value of ANTON GRAŠIČ, Naklo, d.o.o. comes from a highly qualified, motivated staff with longstanding experiences – specialists in their line of work.